So I switched to the Sony Z3 today. I loved the HTC One but the battery was just not up to my needs. Even on the initial charge, the Z3 is already better.

My only complaint so far is the front facing camera. It sucks balls in low lighting. If I were Sony, I’d be embarrassed. Lol Otherwise, I think it’s a keeper. (for at least 6 months anyway Lol)

sigh as much as I love the htc one, I’m hating the battery life. Six hours with moderate use off and on and I’m down to under 30%. Not a fan of buying a bulky battery extender case. Giving it another day or so but seriously considering the Z3 now.

My coworkers always seem amazed at my skills in dealing with inter-personal problems. Just because I usually deal in facts and fairness does not mean I can’t speak BS, fluently. 😉