Ok SF Locals, here is a little Storm PSA. The bulk of the storm is expected to hit late tonight into tomorrow morning. 

1) Stock up tonight. Food, drinking water, batteries, etc. 

2) If you can avoid traveling in the timeframe above, please do so. 

3) If you using MUNI, expect delays and if past history is any indication, the Van Ness station will flood instantly. lol Seriously, MUNI is going to be busy and a mess so leave early. 

4) If you have to drive, DRIVE slow. 

5) Read #4 again.

6) Please do not call 911 to ask storm-related questions. If your power is out call PG&E @ 800.743.5000. You may also call Police non-emergency at 553.0123 or call 311 for city services NOT related to police/fire/ems. Yes, you will most likely be on hold for a bit. 

7) If you have pets outside, please bring them inside or provide shelter above the water. You’d be surprised how many pets drowned during major rain storms because they cannot get above the rising water. 

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